East End Memories



A few years ago, I went to New Zealand. While there, I went to visit an especially beautiful area, but my most startling memory of the place was not a mountain or a lake, but of a little lost dog. What caught my attention and caused me to stop and stare at this poor little dog was that he resembled Li’le Fido more than any other dog that I had ever seen before. The dog was collarless and obviously lost. He was sitting quietly on a rock by a lake and was in no apparent distress. He looked well-cared for and was well groomed. He sat there peacefully, as if he was expecting to be collected at any minute. The area was quite crowded and the passers-by were concerned about who this dog belonged to and what we could do to help him find his way home. Naturally, I was very taken with him. Had I lived in New Zealand, I would have spirited him away and taken him home – totally willing to forget about any trip that I had planned! But sadly, I was not at home and so could not spirit him anywhere. Instead, I asked someone to take some pictures of me with the little dog. Unfortunately, I did not choose my photographer well and only one picture proved worth keeping. As the picture was being taken, I could feel myself taking to this dog and I knew that if I stayed any longer, I would either have to move to New Zealand or smuggle him into the U.S. Since neither possibility was practical, it was with great sadness that I left that little dog sitting on his rock surrounded by well-meaning people.

It is amazing that after all these years I find that I am resembling my father more and more, since whenever I think about that little lost dog, it is his sad looking eyes that I remember the most and then a small sigh escapes between my lips. Now, remind me please, what was I saying about life being cruel at times?


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