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One hears it all the time!  Time flies, tempus fugit.  As soon as Christmas arrives, it’s gone and suddenly, it’s summer.  And before you know it, it’s Christmas again.  When I was a child, I could not believe how the final few shopping days before Christmas dragged on and on.  It seemed as if Christmas Day would never come.  Now the holiday season looms up earlier and earlier each year, and like a tsunami, sweeps everything else aside.  And then, as quickly as it came, it is gone leaving chaos, bills and us in its wake.

During a recent visit to London I received a rude awakening regarding the passage of time.  I was reminded of this experience the other day while looking through the newspaper.  My eye glossed over the day’s birthdays and I noticed that it was Mick Jagger’s.  This knowledge did not cause me to run out and purchase a belated birthday card for him, but it did cause me to sit up and take note once I noticed what I thought was an obvious discrepancy between his age and the year he was born.  Mr. Jagger was born in the same year as me and he was reported as being 68 years old now.  Obviously the reporter had made a mistake!  How could this be when I was going to be 67 years old in a few months?  And then I did a double take.  Of course it was not the reporter who had made the mistake, but me.  Somewhere along the way I had apparently lost a year!

Please be aware that I am not disturbed by the thought of getting older.  Far from it, I have never been too fussed about aging and, in general, pay no attention to my birthday unless others insist on remembering it, which rarely happens nowadays, thank goodness.  Landmark birthdays have never bothered me.  Even when I reached retirement age, I was not concerned.  In fact, I was looking forward to it, as it meant that I would now have more time to do the things I had been wantingto do for years.

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 So why was I mildly bothered to learn that I would be one year older than I had thought at my next birthday?  I think that it was simply the surprise of it.  At first I felt as if I had been denied a year of my life, which of course I had not.  While I was mulling over my situation, I remembered my rude awakening that I mentioned earlier and how it really brought home to me that time passes and that tempus fugit!


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